Signal and Image Processing Consulting

Impulse Response specializes in consultancy in signal and image processing, all the way from the initial theoretical analysis to the final implementation in software.

In the general context of signal and image processing, we specialize in the following:

1. Our mathematical background and PhD in image processing enables a thoroughly theoretical approach, if that is called for. 2. We can do simulations in MATLAB or Python, to validate and assess theoretical musings in practice. 3. Our experience with embedded software allows us to go “all the way” to the final implementation.

Signal Processing We have experience with signal processing in embedded software in telecom applications. Examples include a communications proxy for ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), and the modulation/demodulation software of a baseband modem for satellite tracking, telemetry, and telecommand (TT&C). We have also worked on vectoring for xDSL, including

Image Processing Our main experience here is in the reconstruction and segmentation of tomographic images, from the development of novel algorithms up to and including the final implementation in software, with practical applications such as μCT and electron tomography. Our work in tomography led to a PhD in Physics in November 2013, at the Vision Lab of the University of Antwerp.

Embedded Software We have extensive experience with software in general, mostly in the form of embedded software, including real-time applications. Examples include the electrical check-out systems of ESA's ATV and of the Galileo satellite navigation system.

ST Engineering
For ST Engineering iDirect (Europe) (former Newtec), we have worked on the software of their satellite modems.
Celestia Antwerp
For Celestia Antwerp, we have done the analysis, simulation, and implementation of new features on their Integrated BaseBand (IBB) satellite modem, a software-defined radio (SDR) product.
For VITO, we have worked on an image processing chain for images from the Sentinel-2 Earth observation satellite.
Antwerp Space
For Antwerp Space, we have worked on the software of their electrical ground support equipment (EGSE), on digital and RF interfaces for several satellite payloads, including, e.g., the ARGO modem. We have also done simulations for several other of their current and future products.
For Nokia, we have worked on real-time embedded software that implements vectoring for xDSL, including
For Siemens, we have designed and implemented an embedded algorithm for counting vehicles using data from a fiber-optic load sensor.
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
University of Antwerp
Together with the Vision Lab of the University of Antwerp, we have given workshops on the ASTRA tomography toolbox.